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VG submachine gun and big autumn sale! 2017.10.26 14:33
I decidedto please you with a new gun, without having to wait for a new patch.
Meet the last weapon from the so-called historical Vanguard set - heavy submachine gun! Like the other VG weapons it has a new-made detailed model and a special visual shooting effect. Technically, it differs from the regular submachine guns by that it actually is like a machinegun – it has a unique SMG shooting mode of a long burst shot for 70AP, discharging right away most of the magazine. This ability should make interesting combinations together with the fast 30 AP shot. Like the rest of the VG weapons, the submachine gun can be received from the VG weapon containers or in the coupon shop.
And together with this I announce a big unprecedented autumn Halloween-sale until November the 1st!
-10% on enhance tools for credits (the top product of all times)
-20% on armorfor platinum (check in the coupons-shop)
-30% on platinum purchase
-40% on vg containers
-50% onservice packs
-60% onkeys and black crates
-70% on all rental items
And a scary pumpkin-helmet at 1 platinum for the whole time of the event

*only on game1 MAIN server
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Offical tournament starting 28 august 2017.08.22 17:35


It’s been a while since the last tournament. Everyone has been waiting when will it be back again, and time has finally come. The last tournament was over a year ago in the mid summer and many of you remember, how brutal were the battles there. Ihope, this time it will be as fun as then.
The rules almost haven’t changed at all:
  • The matches are held in a 2x2 vs 2x2 format. Find yourself a reliable ally!
  • The tournament will last only 3 weeks.
  • The amount of rewards is determined in advance.
For those, who didn’t catch the previous tournament, I’ll briefly remind the meaning:
Inside the “tournament” tab in the arena, there will be an available mode selection
You need mercenaries of 12+ level.
Every participant has a rating, which is calculated by an ELO system. For victories you receive rating, for defeats you lose some. Rating changes depends on the differences between your and your opponent’s power.Defeat a strong  team and get a good load of rating. Lose to such a team and the rating will insignificantly fall.
On the beginning everyone gets 1000 rating. You can climb both up and down.
As for the battles, no compensations or grade matching. Only by rating.
You must play a minimum of 5 battles in a week, otherwise you’ll lose a portion of your rating.
Participation rewards
The tournament battles grant more credits, experience and BP, than the regular ones in the arena.
beside that, you victories you’ll be receiving tournament tags.
These tags can be exchanged for different items, from the NPC which exchanges PvP tags. The assortment of rewards from the previous tourney wasrevised andsupplemented. The maximal amount of tags that can be earned is related to your rating. Initially for a week you can earn 200 tags. For this you’ll need 2 victories. Notonerously. But if you will be playing good, with a high rating (~1300), the tag earning cap will increase.
Pay attention that for better items, that you can exchange for tournament tags, you’ll need more than 600 tags. This means it’s only for successful players. Others can pile up exactly 600 tags in 3 weeks and also grab something rare and valuable items.

Victory rewards
For those, who will be in the top of the list, there will be given medals, accompanied with appropriate prizes.
2 gold, 4 silvers и 4 bronzes.
Thegoldenawardeeswillreceiveabrandnewblue +15 VG grenade launcher, and the others – platinum.
Terms and rewards can be viewed in the tournament window.
In addition, golden medalists will be enlisted in the champions list.

Patch 107a
The functioning of accuracyincreasing skills by shooting with the new grenade launcher modes, has been fixed.
The capturing points have been moved closer to the map center.
Shooting allies does not reset the “sudden death” count anymore.
Matching opponents in the arena: the level impact has been increased, equip ment impact decreased, permissible diapasons were increased, time for switching to a “pareddown” mode has been decreased, compensation bonuses for an unequal battle have been increased.
The problem with the preparation buffs in the “Reinforcement” event has been fixed.
Some client crashes have been fixed.
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Update 107 2017.05.11 21:25


New achievements and titles!

In this update we introduce many new legendary achievements, for which you will be receiving a title as a reward (a sobriquet, addable to your nickname above your character’s head). Previously, there were just a couple of them, and those, who earned the title “Lucky”, “Habitue”, “Millionaire” or “Alpha” and wore them with pride. Now they become a lot more and they are rewarded for the most various combat merits. You like to swing your axe? Then the “Butcher” title is a must for you. Or you like to launch rockets? Let everyone know from the first sight that you’re a “Demolisher”. Show off your favorite weapon or class. Show your achievements in events or PvP. Or show your mob hunting results. Now you will definitely have something to do, earning a new title. In total there are 18 new titles added and a bunch of achievements, from which they are rewarded. You can find them in the new sections of the achievements tree, and the acquired legendary achievements can be viewed right in the first page of your profile.


New items
Another old friend is coming back! With a new excellent model and unique characteristics we bring back VG launcher to the game. This drum grenade launcher fires heavy missiles at a low trajectory (for more information look at the grenade launchers trajectory changes below), which allows to deal a great damage, but requires a different handling, than the other grenade launchers.
Similarly to the other VG weapons, it can be exchanged for coupons. But as there are not so many coupons left in the game, and there are no ways to obtain new ones, we add a new way to obtain VG weapons - VG container. Search for it in the premium-shop. The container and the VG weapons are tradable by the regular rules. And for those, who do not like roulettes, there was specially added an option to buy them with gold. Dearly. We remind you that the VG weaponry was an exclusive for coupon owners from 2015’s summer.
For the collectors we introduce a new helmet “Striker-grim”. Share a smile with your enemies. Limited at the premium shop.
For those, who especially like surprises, we bring in the “Black box” to the premium shop. What will you get there? Rare paints? Polymers? Rebis? Rare active items? Or, maybe, a weapon?
A new paint “Alligator” in the Gift boxes and Black boxes.

New implant
For the first time, we introduce an implant, that doesn’t just static parameters changes. T-SK-07 Grants a 15% damage bonus for the first 4 rounds. Afterwards, +5% for the next 4. And eventually -5% until the match ends. Search in improved containers with a double chance to get it.
In the future we will reveal implants with new abilities.

New active items
Haven’t seen new drugs in a long time? Meet the Concentrated versions of Titan, Hyperion and Callisto! They grant a double effect compared to the weak drugs, but they last only 3 rounds and are harmful. Incompatible with each other. Added to the loot in PvP, PvE, Med. containers and Black boxes.
The new ”Kamikaze” cocktail allows to make some noise before death. Gives a instantaneous adrenaline ejection, but you can cease hopes for survival. Exchanges for prisoner tags and drops from Med. containers.

Grenade launchers mechanics changes
The greater part of grenade launchers, who were shooting at an arc, has undergone changes. These changes should simplify the offensive and complicate the defensive tactics. Now they have 2 separate firing modes:
The first shoots at a high trajectory, as before, but receives a penalty of a cost and\or accuracy;
The second mode with a slight accuracy bonus shoots at a low (direct) trajectory, which does not allow to hit through high obstacles. Together with this, the mobility of these grenade launchers increases.
M79 Grenade Launcher – damage decreased a bit, attack mode without a change
Milkor – arc: +5(35) ap; flat: 30 ap, +2 accuracy; +2 mobility
EX41 - arc: +5(50) ap, -12 accuracy; flat: 45 ap, +2 accuracy; +2 mobility
RG-6 dwarf - arc: +5(35) ap; flat: 30 ap, +2 accuracy; +2 mobility
THOR - arc: +5(30) ap, -4 accuracy; flat: 25 ap, +2 accuracy; +2 mobility
GM94 - arc: +5(50) ap, -12 accuracy; flat: 45 ap, +2 accuracy; +2 mobility

Etc. Items changes
VG shotgun: maximal distance of aimed shot 11->15, accuracy and damage increased a bit
Energy shield: mobility 88->90, grants immunity to stuns when active, sale is prolonged
Axe: mobility 82->80
AKS74U: +30 ammunition in stock
SVU: aimed shot distance 18-34->16-35; snap shot distance 14-27 -> 13-28
Keltec KSG: aimed shot distance 7-21->7-22, +2 accuracy ;
Long-barreled shotguns (FN TPS, Benelli M4, SPAS): +2 accuracy
Mines (Regular, not “IFF”) are not exposed to EMP
Implant H-SQ-01: credits +10%, experience -5%
Implant T-AD-03: health +15, damage -2%
Implant L-BD-01: MP +5, resistance -3%
Implant T-BR-02: resistance +4, mobility -3
The Crossbow has been added to the premium-shop, crafting costs have been reduced
Prices for low-level golden weapons have been reduced
“Hyperion” pills: crit. chance 5%->8%

All the bands, where earlier there wasn’t a well defined boss (such as, for example, the Alpha-Freak) have received such one. The bosses got a new weapon and acquired themselves some special parameters. Some have got auras, strengthening allies, others regeneration, and somebody even managed to learn to land critical hits.
A new achievement- title has been added – “Punisher”, which can be received, by hunting on all the band leaders.
Now you can attack a band 5 levels lower, than the character (was on 2 levels lower).
Wherein there are more thugs spawning and a reward penalty is superimposed.
The contract “psychopaths”: Maximal mercenary level 5->6
Experience rewards have been increased for the contracts and the beginner story missions
Anarchy zone of 4th level and Diggers zone of 5th level have been added

For those, who “passed the game” we made another 9 prestige levels. Bonuses are now modest, but the most important thing, is that there would be what to elevate now, right?
Accountant collects 20%->30% damage
Fair verdict grants 20%->30% mobility
Vindictive gives ALL attackers a penalty 15%->20% for 2->1 round
A premium ability “Banner” has been added, allowing to hire more characters.

Locations capturing
As an experiment a restriction is imposed on the battle group formation: it must contain exactly 1 assault, scout, juggernaut and support.
A location, battles for which ended up in a draw, loses the flag of the past owner.

Get prepared to the next official tournament on the same rules, as the past one: partners with 1 mercenary.
-People counter added in queue and battles
-Checkpoints, as in the arena, were added

The order of the moves in training matches was changed as in arena (every mercenary moves separately)
4 mercenaries can be taken now to the training
The necessity to heal after a death in the training mode has been fixed

Referral system
Now, when a player who registered through your referral link comes to the game, you will be receiving an in-game letter informing you about it, and also the newbie will be automatically added to your contacts list. Letters will be sent to you as well for reaching a sufficient level to receive platinum.

Etc. Changes and fixes
Spawning points in some maps have been changed.
Bidding commission in the auction has been changed. Now it is always 25 credits and does not increase from the sale price.
When voting for the “next couple” in matchmaking, maps that have already been presented won’t appear again.
The option to delete groups in your contact list has been fixed
The “loner” penalty for playing with 4 mercenaries has been decreased 33%->25%
The level requirements display (5-15) in the arena has been fixed
A couple of emotion-animations has been added.

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May holidays 2017.04.30 15:14

Have fun on the May holidays with increased rewards. At the 30th of April and 1st of May, and afterwards from 5th to 10th of May there will be double rewards and experience in all battle modes! Also on May 8 and 9, thematic events will be launched - "World War II in Broxton"

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Update 106 2016.12.26 17:34

Happy upcoming New Year, fighters!

Lets proceed to the festive entertainments! From the 25th of December to the 5th of January the already  traditional magical boxes will appear in battles, in which New Year magic and fireworks can be found, as well snowmen, which in severe combat circumstances can be dismantled into snowballs – active combat items with refreshing effects. The snowballs will pass right to your active items slots (if you’ve got free space) and will stay with you to the end of the match. Bring-on the mass snow carnage! (More boxes at PvP)
What is there to be done with the New Year magic this year? Unlike in the past year, your new-year presents will be chosen by Miss Fortune. After collecting a bit of New Year magic in matches, go visit Santa Claus at the friendly locations and exchange it for surprise boxes. Inside you can find one random item from the list: credits, Polymers, paint, container with implants, temporary high-quality weapon, services, some more New Year magic or even permanent green or blue weapon or armor! Or you can exchange New Year magic right away for services or a paint.
But that’s not all. We know, that many of you have accumulated a big stock of various PvE-tags, with which, you do not know what to do. Try your luck and exchange them for a New Years gift box, maybe you’ll be lucky!
For avid arena fans Santa has kept a special gift. You can exchange PvP tags for green grade weapons right away!
Also for the whole time of the holidays +100% experience and credits rewards at all game modes!
And of course, a traditional medal to those, who meet the new year in Lost Sector.

New weapons
MP7 – The superior version of the light submachine guns tree-line (TMP-PP200) for the 12th level. Has an additional magazine. Available for craft, at the gold-shop and for rent.
AKS74U – A shortened assault rifle, possessing average characteristics between an assault rifle and a submachine gun, but is a medium (primary) weapon. Available for gold and platinum.

Changes and fixes
-All gray weapons and armor have been removed from PvP. This means, that the chance of colored items dropping have increased a lot! 4 times for green-grade items, and 8 times for the blue-graded!
-Rank influence for queuing on low levels has been decreased a little.
-The algorithm of check-points occurrences in PVP has been somewhat changed. They will be appearing closer to the centre.
-A console command “/mystats” has been added. It shows your full game statistics (Wins, loses, K\D ratio and given\taken damage.) To view just write /mystats in the chat (Visible just for you).
-You can now receive a little bit of Rebis for the contract "Enemy of my enemy".
-Implants disassembling now grants two times more Rebis.
-Freak barcode chips can be exchanged for “Dirty Rebis”.
-The label about that the item is not tradable, is now highlighted in red in the item’s description.
-Tank container’s corners break through at the Containers Yard has been fixed.
-The positioning of inactive weapons on the back and the leg holster have been fixed.
-Rare sale of active items and resources for 0 credits has been fixed.

Weapons balance
MP5/Vector/P90 – Average damage increased a bit
Keltec KSG – Snap shot distance 8-22->6-20; Aimed shot accuracy +2
Vintorez – Aimed shot maximum distance 40->45
SVU - Damage increased a bit
HK21/RPD/PKM/M60 – Burst shot damage decreased a bit
MG4/RPK74/M249 SAW – Minimal distance of burst shot 12->11
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Black friday 2016.11.24 02:47



Black friday in Lost Sector! It's meant discounts! -30% to all armor sets!

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Open Beta Launch! 2016.10.09 07:23
Our international (European) version has been launched as open beta!

Also we need your votes at new Steam GreenLight:
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Update 105 2016.08.28 21:01

New items
In this small summer update we offer you 5 new items right away, half of which are unique in their own way.

Energy shield. The first new shield for the past few years. This is a very unusual shield. It doesn’t grant a lot of armor, but instead, it gives a new activatable skill, which replaces the “Blind defense” or the “Nanny” skill. The ability “Behind the shield” is actually a strengthened version of “Blind defense” and grants another charge, shock immunity and an increased resistance after use.
Ultralight shotgun Serbu Supershorty. It is held with only one hand, which allows to use it together with a shield, or carry it as a secondary weapon.
Energy shield + Serbu Supershorty + new “Interceptor” helmet make up the “Breach” set! Can be obtained for gold and platinum and only for a limited time!

The classic MP5, as a top submachine-gun of a long-range tree-line P90-Vector. Available via craft and gold shop.

New heavy pistol Steyr L-A1. He is very light comparing to the other heavy pistols, has increased damage and a fast snap shot, but he is designed only for scouts and has a penalty for weapon changing. It is intended as the main weapon for an over-mobile scout. Available via craft and gold shop.

Items changes
Police shield: +5% Bullet resistance
Axe: Mobility 84->82
Long-range SMG’s: damage decreased a bit
Heavy SMG’s: accuracy and damage decreased a bit
XM8 available via gold craft
A year had passed since the VG weapons got reworked and now they are available not just for coupons, but also for rental.

Measures to combat time wasting edge-sitting on the map
The “sudden death” damage increased by 50%
Maximum portable aid kits number is decreased to 2
Rebis-grenades are now related to first aid kits.

Bonuses expansion for payments
Earlier, for the first payment, a flare gun and boosters set were awarded. We expanded this system and now the payments accumulate further. For a summary purchase of 2000 gold, you will receive 2 gift boxes and the “Praetorian” helmet (now can be obtained only here). For a summary purchase of 5000 gold you will receive a blue-grade sledgehammer, the title “Arms dealer” and the “Keeper” helmet (now can be obtained only here). Progression can be viewed in the Achievements window at the Premium tab.

A new event - “Re-education”
This event will be similar by its craziness to the “Trial and error method”. A 3х3 team match, where merchants entering a battle lose all their active skills. Instead of this they are granted new random sets of 5 skills, which can not be collected by one class normally. Everyone might become an impenetrable tank, unstoppable damage dealer or an elusive support.

Etc. Improvements and fixes
Steps sounds while running were added (are heard only for visible merchants). Now the atmosphere in the maps will be a bit more alive.
Now when auto-stopping to enemy detection or while entering an “explosion” area, the merchant might receive 0-2 AP to compensate the recalculation of the path from a new place.
The cost of returning a marked item 50->25
The cinematic camera after a critical hit at an enemy is disabled.
Lumbagos under containers at the cargo-ship and the hole in the wall at the metro rooms are fixed.
Active skills sorting at the bottom panel in a match is changed. The manually-activatable skills are fixed to the beginning of the list, so they will fit under the 6-7-8 buttons (or however you set).
Path laying to an enemy, which stands in a doorway while using a melee attack has been fixed (earlier the merchant could’ve run around).
Active skills button now utters a sound when clicking.
Now when entering PvE, if none of the players has a group, there will be automatically created a group for them with default loot-sharing settings.
Possibly, the error of when a merchant with a worn implant has been failing to enter a battle for having wounds, has been fixed.
All booster-services now stack in the inventory.
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Update 104 2016.05.23 12:01


New items
Unique pistol - Makarov. Improved version of USP45 with two special properties:
It's not bounded to any class. Have you ever wish secondary pistol for your juggernaut or support with 100% mobility? Now you can get it.
Makarov comes with a special holster, allowing to swap weapons for 0 AP.
You have two weeks to buy this pistol. You need gold and platinum for it.


Revolving grenade launcher "RG-6 dwarf". Upgrade for your Milkor grenade launcher for 11 level with reduced weight and increased damage. Because of short barrel, it has reduced range. You can loot it from mobs, craft it or rent for platinum.


Premium revolving grenade launcher THOR. Final version for 12 level. It have heavy weight and long range. Clip contains 8 grenades with reduced damage. Each shot consumes 25 AP. It is ideal for characters with Adjustment fire. You can craft it, buy in premium shop or rent.

Those two ones are last standard explosive weapons.


Items changes

  • VG shotgun: Damage increased, +1 to mobility
  • PKM: damage decreased, -1 to mobility
  • HK21: damage increased. Can be rented.
  • P90: mobility +2
  • KRISS Vector: damage decreased, +2 to mobility
  • Calico M950: -3 to mobility
  • UMP45: damage increased, -2 to mobility
  • Uzi: -2 to mobility
  • EX41: Can be rented
  • Crossbow: rent cost decreased
  • Active item "Double grenade" now works like two separate grenades.


Added hand implant, which increases critical hit chance and decreases mobility. You can find it in Locked Atanor labs container.
List of implants in Locked Atanor labs container was changed. Unpopular implants was removed.

  • A-MT-04: swap cost -8 -> -9
  • H-HT-02: Experience gain 10% -> 20%
  • Implants lose condition 2 times longer in PvE.
  • Worn implants decrease health by 20 points.


We have improve tournaments interface. Added tips and reward information.
Tournament rules and dates will be announced later.


Added spanish language!


Quests and events
Added new contract "Enemy of my enemy". Join to the fight between regulators and freaks.
Contract "Demining works" was returned to game. You can take it in Police department. Hunt drone-miners.
Dance on the minefield is 3x3 now.


Gameplay changes
Calculation of red weapon radius (where you see "only melee"). Now it depends from minimal range of current weapon attack. Red weapon radius is 30% from minimal range, but not less than 2 meters.
You will see no difference for shotguns and SMG's. But assault rifles and machineguns will be unable to shoot closer than 3-4 meters. To shoot from Barret, you will need to step 8-10 meters back.
You can not deal damage in this zone and you can't cheat it.
Characters will not interfere fire if you aim to the left or to the right from your target.
Visibility calculation was changed. If you see enemy, you can hit it. Technical size of character is cylinder and is a bit larger than character size. Characters will be visible behind obstacles, which used to be good covers before. Autostop will trigger more often with smaller percent of enemy cover.


Other changes

  • Players have asked about changing "Preparation" and we have changed it. Instead of yellow message in center of the screen and fire restriction, all characters will get 80% resistance and health restoration. This bonus will be removed once player starts his turn. You will need to find cover even if your turn is first.
  • Camera speed on switching to aiming mode was increased.
  • Reduced rotation speed on touching window borders.
  • Dressing room size was increased. Now you can see your favourite weapon and armor in details.
  • Enemy UAV will be visible on new replays.
  • Removed "premium" word on loading screen.
  • Reduced waiting time before you get in 3x3 or 2x2 in arena.
  • Fixed animation of pistols. Now character holds it properly.
  • Comments in contact list will always be visible.
  • Removed mark "(1)" near name in lgnore list.
  • Some spawn points was changed in parking, fuel station, warehouses and west checkpoint.



  • Fixed bug with character stuck on ladder on looting.
  • Fixed bug when character lose ability to shoot enemy below him.
  • Fixed bug when C4 becomes visible after turn over.
  • Fixed bug with dodging mine on narrow surface.
  • Probably fixed bug with saving replays from Captures and Events.
  • Probably fixed bug with barrels, mines or infrasound generator explode not where they are.
  • Probably fixed game crash on leaving combat.

Size: 237 МБ

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Update 103 2016.05.23 12:00


Old friend Vintorez is back
Vintorez was returned to game as unique sniper rifle with automatic fire mode. Only scouts can use it. Its parameters very similar to assault rifles. Vintorez features 3 fire modes:
- Aimed shot with single bullet
- Burst with 5 bullets
- Snap with 3 bullets
Unlike other sniper rifles, its damage type is simple "bullet".
You can buy this rifle for gold and platinum.
Hurry up, the offer is limited.


New premium machinegun Heckler & Koch 21
It continues line of PKM and RPD on 12 level. It has better damage and accuracy. You can craft this weapon or buy from premium-shop.


Two new magic keyboard buttons
First one allows to begin movement along planned path. Like double mouse click. In addition, if your character detects an enemy, your planned path will not disappear. You will be able to send character further with this button. By default first magic button is mapped on "F".
Second magic button will shorten planned path by 1 AP (may be inaccurate on narrow surfaces). By default key "X".
If you have ever changed keymap preferenes, you might want to define those buttons manually. Go Menu->Settings->Misc.->Controls and look for "Battle" section.


New event: Lone tamer
In this event 3 players from one team will fight against lone player who control several angry freaks! Unlike "Droids" event, he will fully control them.


Changes in items
Shell damage type was changed. Now 95% of damage will go to armor and 5% to health. It used to be 85% and 15% respectively. It means that shell will be more effective in destroying enemy armor.

  • SVU: Damage was increased
  • Dan Wesson PPC: Damage was decreased
  • Dozer: Damage was increased
  • Combat knife: AP 30->25, damage 30-52 -> 21-38
  • Machete: damage 40-60 -> 38-54
  • M202, FN FAL, Keltec KSG, Vintorez now can not be sold or destroyed.
  • Monthly comfort set: cost was decreased.
  • Case with gold: cost was decreased
  • Black rojer: cost 20->15 tags
  • Home-made UAV: radius 12->15
  • Infrasound generator: radius 7->10, range 25->30


New leg implant L-RO-05. Increases bullet resistance and recreases fire and explosion resistance. You can buy it from Konoval.

  • A-MT-04: Weapon swap cost -5 -> -8
  • H-HT-02: Experience gain 5% -> 10%
  • T-AD-03: health 5->8
  • T-WA-05: damage spread -20 -> -30
  • L-KS-04: fire resistance 10%->20%
  • H-SQ-01: Credits bonus 6%->8%


Aiming interference behavior was changed
Only character who is closer than mimimal weapon range will interefere fire.
If you aim at character A, only those characters who cover character A for 20% and more will interfere fire.
Anything in weapon spread sector will interfere aiming in other cases.


Other changes

  • Players from ignore list will not be able to invite you in group, clan or open trade window.
  • Aiming with SHIFT key was improved. Weapons with high minimal range (like sniper rifles) will zoom in.
  • Clan warehouse log will allow to search by player name, who is not clan member.
  • Max length of clan-log was increased from 100 entries to 200.
  • Maximum value of resistance was decreased to 80%
  • Skill "Martial Art ": melee damage on 2 level 35%->30%
  • Contract "Missing trophy": maximum level 4->5, stealer health 50->150, minimal number of players to start 1->2, reward was changed.
  • Clan event "Double Hach": time 120->100 minutes.
  • If you close game client and dodge arena matchup, you will get to prison for 5 minutes.


Other fixes

  • You will no longer get stuck on ladder in Industrial.
  • Explosions will now deal damage even if projectile get in narrow hole.
  • Fixed bug when contracts sometime incorrectly score up.
  • Fixed bug when you fail to hit enemy on maximum distance.
  • Fixed game client crash on repeated opening of "hire mercenary" dialog.
  • Probably fixed a bug with incorrect explosion position of barrels.
  • Fixed bug when you get stuck in pile of boxes in Factory.
  • Fixed dressing room bug.
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