2035 year. The outbreak of pharmacology shakes the whole World – in one of the leading country, a new medical remedy was synthesized, which essentially increases the cells capability of reproduction, rejuvenescence of organisms and extends human lives in minimum three times. Even when used with low doses at damaged tissues, the drug spurs regeneration, suppresses pain and rejects foreign matters, what abruptly extends the capabilities of implants usage, both civil and military. Also, the drug modifies the human power-interchange, redirecting the surpluses to power the implants. The drug is being named "Rebis" in the honor of the medieval alchemist's stone. Humanity has opened the door to a new age - age of youth prolonging, age of strong, healthy long-livers, which was a dream for many fantasists generations of past centuries... opened the door, but stumbled at the threshold.

In order to avoid demographic crisis the usage of "Rebis" was strongly confined by the government. There was made an attempt to divide people by "social responsibility level", ostensibly defining a person's value for society and giving the right to benefit from buying and using the drugs and implants. Of course the number of "worthy men" appears to be not so much - it is officials of all kinds, celebrities and CEO's of big corporations. For the ordinary citizens the price of "Rebis" stays unattainable.

"Rebis" and battle implants are actively inculcating into military structures. Thanks to the fast developing battle implants the combative value of an individual soldier will increase. Following the voluntary-compulsory contracts, being signed by the people who serve, all implants and "Rebis" implanted belong to the government, and after discharge all implants are excluded, leaving the human a handicapped person. Most of the militants become by some means bondaged, having no opportunity to leave the service.

Soon after the "social reform", massive civil commotions begin - extensive masses from the "low social responsibility level" demand equitable distribution of "Rebis". A new movement is formed - "Coalition of Social Equality" which confronts the government and promises health and longevity for everyone. A significant part of many military subdivisions join the coalition side. The riot outbreaks skillfully heat up by a shady organization, and, after a few spots are sabotaged, they grow into a full-scale civil war. The scale of the schism reaches disaster proportions – the county, in fact, separates into two parts - most of the south part of the country is under "Coalition" control, while the north is held by the former government, which popularly known as "The Old Federation". Some states and even a few big cities declare their sovereignty. Goodly supplied troops of the coalition take under control some major "Rebis" production plants at the beginning of the combat actions. The "Coalition" starts to produce their own combat implants, which have worse quality than those used at the "Old Federation" army, but being massively used, it becomes a serious trump for the people's army.

Eventually, however, a potential danger of "Rebis" reveals - with its frequent usage and excess number of implants, tides of psychosis are possible- the feelings of euphoria and might, superiority above the surrounding and barely controllable need of aggressive actions. Incidents of "Rebis psychosis", or "Rebis-amok", that became more frequent both in "Coalition's" and "Old Federation's" armies, bring internal losses and dissertations more often.

The conflict grows up. The civilian population of big cities located at the zones of combat operations is being evacuated or goes to fight. By four years of war a serie of major megapolises empties, becoming ghost-towns, populated by maybe hundredth part of the past population.

To the 2035 year the war depletes the country and gradually descends to a no. Clashes are occasionally still happening, but most of the conflicts come to negotiations and separation of boundaries and spheres of influence. The direct confrontation passes into a back-alley struggle for the attraction of independent cities and states to the "Coalition" or the "Old Federation". Exactly this kind of an independent city Broxton is now.

You've been recruited to the army and have left Broxton at the beginning of the war, before the evacuation of most of the citizens, you will have to come back to your hometown after the active combat actions are finished and the war turns on to the diplomacy stage. And discover the city from a completely new side.