Lost Sector Service Agreement

These Terms of Service, known hereafter as the "Terms" or TOS, are subject to change at anytime without any written notification. It is the player's responsibility to keep up with the Terms.

Any updates to the Terms will by noted in-game. However, all players have a responsibility to stay updated with the terms of this game.
At no time does "Lost Sector Team" guarantee that the site or game server will be available and can be taken down at any time without reason. "Lost Sector Team" disclaims all warranties of any kind. By playing Lost Sector, the player understands and agrees to use our service at their sole risk.

To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, "Lost Sector Team", It's Affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, agents, employees, licensors, representatives and third party providers to this site will not be liable for damages of any kind including, without limitation, incidental, indirect, special, consequential, compensatory or any similar damages, that may result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials contained on this site, whether the material is supplied by "Lost Sector Team" or any third party.
Not withstanding the foregoing, in no event shall "Lost Sector Team" have any liability to you for any claims, damages, losses, and causes of action (whether in contract, tort or otherwise)

Game Accounts

This game is not intended for persons under 13 years of age. Some content may be inappropriate for young children. By signing up for an account you are stating you are 13 years old and you have parental permission if still a minor. Players found to be underage or minors playing without parental permission will have their accounts banned immediately.
"Lost Sector Team" reserves the right to remove any player from the game or block a certain IP address from accessing the site at anytime based on the sole discretion of "Lost Sector Team". Furthermore the email / I.P address may be banned from all "Lost Sector Team" games.

You are allotted only one game account per individual. Individuals who are found to have multiple accounts (also known as "multis") will have all involved accounts deleted immediately and without warning.
If you are sharing a computer or network within your home, school, workplace, internet cafe, or other institution chances are you will have the same IP address. This is ok and will be allowed and long as no interaction ie. Attacking or Trading etc. takes place between these characters. Having the same IP address will also guarantee you will be contacted by Multi hunting staff who investigate multiple IP accounts. Explain your situation and they will make note of it. If you abuse this at any point both accounts could be banned. Staff monitor all transactions ingame and any abuse could result in the accounts involved being banned.
There is a IP checker in game for you to see who has the same IP as you do and it's your responsibility to check it and make sure you know who is on the list.
Account sharing (that is the continued use of an account by multiple persons), for any account, is strictly prohibited.
Game accounts belong to the user who initially signed up. Game accounts cannot be transferred to a new owner, and game administration does not recognize any account transfers, and will not modify account information to reflect a new owner.

Game Etiquette

Lost Sector has a pretty laxed game etiquete during most areas of the game the chat / comments must be kept Pg13 but clan chat and clan forums are not moderated by "Lost Sector Team" but by the individual clans. "Lost Sector Team" takes no responsibility for any posts that are in these areas. Finally the R18+ chat has no rules and individuals under the age of 18 will be banned if found in there.

Game Rules

Users agree to follow all game rules/laws, and understand that violation will result in punishment.


Any individual who attempts to reverse engineer, hack, gain unauthorized entry into or undermine the system integrity of Lost Sector (including attempting to access any internal part of the game from an offsite location) will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Any attempt to cheat or find ways to cheat in Lost Sector will also result in being banned from the game indefinitely! Bugs are to be reported immediately either using the forum or to a staff member. Failure to report a bug and continued abuse of a bug will lead to an account being banned. Any bug which could greatly effect the Stability of the game or lead to mass unbalanced issues is to be reported to the game owner immediately and only to the game owner. You agree to only play Lost Sector through an internet connection and internet browser. You will not create, use or provide any server emulator or other site where Lost Sector could be played, and you will not post or distribute any utilities, emulators or other software tools related to Lost Sector without the express written permission of the Game Owner.

Sale Of Game Items/Data

All Lost Sector Data is the sole property of "Lost Sector Team". The sale of any Lost Sector data is strictly prohibited. Any attempts to sell any game items or game data outside the game will result in immediate account deletion. Lost Sector takes no responsibility if you undertake in any trades outside the game.

Uploaded Content

You will not upload or transmit any copyrighted content that you do not own all rights to Lost Sector. "Lost Sector Team" takes no responsibility for content posted or published by users of the site. This includes but is not limited to any content linked to Lost Sector from an offsite source. For instance images or documents not hosted by Lost Sector.

Staff Positions

"Lost Sector Team" will at certain times pick players to join us in management of the game. At no time should you contact us to ask to be staff. We will contact you if we have the need and think you would be a good addition to our staff team.

Staff Impersonation

You may not impersonate a staff member at any time. Anyone found doing this will be banned from the game.

Breaking Laws

You may not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation. You may not arrange for the exchange or transfer of any pirated software or other contraband while you are on Lost Sector, or use Lost Sector for any other illegal purpose. You may not use Lost Sector for any activities other than activities that are permitted within the game.

Game Mail/Forums/Game Chats

We ask that you are courteous at all times and respect other players when using these systems. Spamming via any of these means is not allowed and will be punishable either by banning you from the above services or from the game entirely. We ask that you clean out all mail and forum post when it's not long needed. This will help on page load time and server performance.

Appropriate Language

Any input field inside this game must be in the English language. We are not able to monitor non English language. Any field we deem containing non English language or gibberish will be removed and the poster warned. Frequent issues can result in jail time or banning based on staff discretion.

Inappropriate Clans/Alliances

You may not organize any clan that are based on, or present themselves like, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-homosexual, or other hate-making philosophy. We reserve the right to change or delete any clan we deem in violation without refund of any fees paid.

Deleting Accounts

At any time a user may delete their account and start over. Certain accounts will be automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity!

User Generated Content

All user generated material in no way reflects the views of "Lost Sector Team" staff. While we do our best to monitor the content being displayed by users please browse these areas at your own risk!

User Scripts/Programs

Users agree that they will not use any scripts or software to interact with the game by any means. Any interaction outside what is provided by "Lost Sector Team" is strictly prohibited and could constitute account banning.


Users of Lost Sector may at no time advertise for any other site or provide links to another site or game. Opportunities exist for sites to advertise with us. Please Contact the game owner for advertising opportunities.

Loss of Information

"Lost Sector Team" is not responsible for any connectivity issues or loss of account information outside of our power.

Upgrade Store/VIP Packs/Elite Packs/Booster Packs/Any Miscellaneous Packs

"Lost Sector Team" reserves the right to change the game at anytime without notice. The above listed items will not be refunded unless they are not received. This does not include site downtime and the event that the site would ever be shutdown indefinitely in which they would not be refunded! Also note that once a package has been applied it's not our responsibility to safeguard your account or package items. If you hand out account information or give away package items and they are stolen the package fee will NOT be refunded. If you are banned of jailed for violating our Terms the above items WILL NOT be refunded. DO NOT use stolen checks, credit cards, or PayPal accounts for payment! This includes using your parent's credits card or PayPal account without their permission. If we receive a chargeback on a payment you've made we will jail your account until all costs have been recovered. Credit Card fraud will be prosecuted within the full extent of the law. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. By purchasing any of the above items you agree to this! "Lost Sector Team" does not guarantee or make any representations regarding the use or the results of donating/paying through sites such as PayPal with regard to their correctness, accuracy, and reliability or otherwise. The entire risk is carried by you. You assume the complete cost of any necessary servicing, repair or correction.

The purchase of any of the above mentioned from the Upgrade Store does not give you the right to sell that item outside the game for any currency. You are granted the right to use that package for it's proper use within the game. Failure to abide by this falls under the Sale of Game Items/Data clause.

To ensure Lost Sector is enjoyable for everyone, Lost Sector staff may find it necessary to reset or change parameters within the game for balancing purposes or date recovery. These changes may affect an account under your control.

"Lost Sector Team" is the exclusive owner and operator of this website which is provided on the following TOS. By accessing and using this website you voluntarily accept these terms and conditions which shall be governed according to the laws practiced within Australia. Certain portions of this website are provided for your own personal use and accessing and searching Lost Sector, while some restricted areas of the site are solely for staff use.

By accessing this website you acknowledge all copyrights and other intellectual property rights belonging to "Lost Sector Team" who have the specific right to make alterations or withdraw information from this website at any time.

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